Phoebe Sorgen's
District 6 campaign(s):

Phoebe Sorgen's 2012 write-in candidacy has thus far received organizational endorsements from Berkeley Citizen's Action and the Berkeley Green Party. Most of her 2008 District 6 candidacy endorsers will endorse in 2012. Click here to view Phoebe's 2008 campaign endorsements.

This is a partial list of endorsers. There were many more, for which we are grateful.

We urge you to write in Phoebe Sorgen!

Berkeley Citizens Action
Berkeley Green Party
Berkeley Daily Planet
Pepper Spray Times

City Councilmember Kriss Worthington
City Councilmember Max Anderson
[*former Berkeley mayor Gus Newport]
Alecia Nelson
[*Ann Fagan Ginger, Esq.] 
Asa Dodsworth
Dave Blake
Diana Bohn
Edith Hallberg
George Lippman
Igor Tregub
Jesse Townley
John Henry
Judy Shelton
Katherine Harr
Kim Nemirow
Michael Sherman
[*Nancy Carleton]
Patrick Sheahan
Wendy Kenin

*3 term U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
Abbot Foote
Andy Jamieson
Rev. Barbara Hamilton-Holway
Becky O'Malley
Rev. Ben Meyers
Rev. Bill Hamilton-Holway
Boona Cheema
Carol Amour
Carol Denney
Carol S. Wolman, MD.
Carolyn Scarr
Christina Trucillo
Cynthia Johnson
Darien De Lu
Don Goldmacher
Edie Hartshorne
Eleanor Walden
Gael Alcock
Gail Penso
Hali Hammer
Holly Harwood
Ilse Hadda
Jacquelyn McCormick
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Ritterman
Joey Shemuel
Joyce Kawahata, Esq.
Kaylia Bravo
Maryanne Robinson
Meaveen O’Connor
Michael Parenti
Nicholas Galloro
Nick Thabit
Nicole Milner
Patricia E. Wall, Esq.
Rafael Jesús González
Richard Tamm
Roya Sakhai, Ph.D.
Sharon Maldonado
Vivien Feyer
Walter Riley, Esq.

Adelle Lemon
Annalee Rejhon, Ph.D.
Bari Nelson
Cynthia Larson
Clare Ullman
Dina Angel-Wing
Ingrid Kepler May
Laura X
Laverda O. Allen
Leah Mazel
Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D.
Linda Franklin
Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D.
Matt Cantor
Maureen Daggett
Michael Sorgen, Esq.
Nancy Feinberg
Nancy Lemon, Esq.
Patricia Lutke
Paul Gee
Richard Hiersch
Rozalina Gutman
Sally Francis, Ph.D.
Virginia Hollins-Davidson, Esq.

& many more
for District 6 City Council
About Phoebe:

Phoebe Sorgen has been a homeowner on Cragmont in District 6 since 1989 (and a proud mom/stepmom since 1990 – hi Zach and Jeremy!) She grew up in Virginia, earned a B.S. in biology in the U.S., then a D.E.U.G. in musicology and a License in music education in France. She sang on the San Francisco Opera stage, still speaks French and Italian, teaches voice and piano, and sings professionally in churches and synagogues.

While raising a family in Berkeley, Phoebe developed an ever keener sense of civic responsibility. She is a Berkeley Commissioner of Disaster and Fire Safety, and was a Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner for eight years. She chaired the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee and served on the boards of BFUU, KPFA, and the national Pacifica network Governance and By-Laws committees. She is known as a consensus builder. Phoebe is a founding member of the Bay Area chapters of ReclaimDemocracy.org and of Move To Amend. In 2005, she received the "Outstanding Berkeley Woman Award" in recognition of her "dedication, commitment and inspirational efforts to improve our community." This included Loni Hancock's appreciation that her "devotion and leadership have enriched all of our community."

As your Councilmember, she pledges to listen and respond to your needs whether they be practical, for street repaving and keeping our sewers and culverted creeks functioning without allowing huge burdens on you, or related to broader Berkeley issues. She plans to particularly focus on keeping us all safe.

Phoebe Sorgen gets to YES in win-win coalitions by reaching across the aisle and bridging divides. She has authored many fine Resolutions that were adopted by the Berkeley City Council, in most cases unanimously. For example, she wrote Berkeley's "Resolution Restoring Trust in U.S. Elections" which includes 17 measures to improve voter access, security and fairness. She was a key organizer with the Wellstone Democratic Club's Voting Rights Task Force in exposing 2004 election irregularities and convincing Senator Boxer to do so on Capitol Hill. Appearing before City Council, she often advocates for health and safety, the environment, and human rights.

After many years as an advocate and organizer for those worthy causes, as well as for peace, she decided a decade ago to focus on the root causative problem: corporate dominance of government and media. To wrest democracy from the "corporatocracy," she works with organizations to get the laws changed that gave huge multinational corporations the power to run and to ruin our world. She made Berkeley the 1st city to oppose "corporate personhood," back when most people had never heard the phrase, which was featured on the cover of Adbusters as "Great Idea of 2005." In 2010, she made Berkeley the 1st city to oppose the infamous Supreme Court opinion which President Obama criticized in his State of the Union Address, Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. With Jeff Kaplan and other consultants, she then authored a model Resolution to Free Democracy from Corporate Control which has spread like wildfire, adopted by many organizations and cities, including Richmond and Albany. Last year, cities across the nation passed similar Resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment for separation of corporation and state. It started in Berkeley.

Phoebe is compelled to run for office because she is appalled when democracy is suppressed right here in the Home of the Free Speech Movement. She has waited for many hours at countless City Council meetings in order to speak during public comment for one or two minutes and, like too many other Berkeleyans, has been treated quite rudely at times for defending democracy at the local level.

When elected, it will be her duty and honor to always put constituents’ needs first. Representing District 6 will be the top priority. Defending democracy, free speech, and compassion in Berkeley is also important, as is keeping Berkeley on the cutting edge of helpful innovations such as curb cut-outs for disabled access, curbside recycling, solar energy, zero waste, and ecological--yet convenient--means of transporting people to and from local businesses so that our commercial districts will thrive. She will continue the fine tradition in Berkeley of thinking and acting both locally and globally. If not in Berkeley, where?

She has authored many Resolutions that were edited in Commission and adopted by the City Council. She gets to YES in win-win coalitions by reaching across the aisle and bridging divides.