Phoebe Sorgen's
District 6 campaign(s):

Phoebe Sorgen's 2012 write-in candidacy has thus far received organizational endorsements from Berkeley Citizen's Action and the Berkeley Green Party. Most of her 2008 District 6 candidacy endorsers will endorse in 2012. Click here to view Phoebe's 2008 campaign endorsements.

This is a partial list of endorsers. There were many more, for which we are grateful.

We urge you to write in Phoebe Sorgen!

Berkeley Citizens Action
Berkeley Green Party
Berkeley Daily Planet
Pepper Spray Times

City Councilmember Kriss Worthington
City Councilmember Max Anderson
[*former Berkeley mayor Gus Newport]
Alecia Nelson
[*Ann Fagan Ginger, Esq.] 
Asa Dodsworth
Dave Blake
Diana Bohn
Edith Hallberg
George Lippman
Igor Tregub
Jesse Townley
John Henry
Judy Shelton
Katherine Harr
Kim Nemirow
Michael Sherman
[*Nancy Carleton]
Patrick Sheahan
Wendy Kenin

*3 term U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
Abbot Foote
Andy Jamieson
Rev. Barbara Hamilton-Holway
Becky O'Malley
Rev. Ben Meyers
Rev. Bill Hamilton-Holway
Boona Cheema
Carol Amour
Carol Denney
Carol S. Wolman, MD.
Carolyn Scarr
Christina Trucillo
Cynthia Johnson
Darien De Lu
Don Goldmacher
Edie Hartshorne
Eleanor Walden
Gael Alcock
Gail Penso
Hali Hammer
Holly Harwood
Ilse Hadda
Jacquelyn McCormick
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Ritterman
Joey Shemuel
Joyce Kawahata, Esq.
Kaylia Bravo
Maryanne Robinson
Meaveen O’Connor
Michael Parenti
Nicholas Galloro
Nick Thabit
Nicole Milner
Patricia E. Wall, Esq.
Rafael Jesús González
Richard Tamm
Roya Sakhai, Ph.D.
Sharon Maldonado
Vivien Feyer
Walter Riley, Esq.

Adelle Lemon
Annalee Rejhon, Ph.D.
Bari Nelson
Cynthia Larson
Clare Ullman
Dina Angel-Wing
Ingrid Kepler May
Laura X
Laverda O. Allen
Leah Mazel
Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D.
Linda Franklin
Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D.
Matt Cantor
Maureen Daggett
Michael Sorgen, Esq.
Nancy Feinberg
Nancy Lemon, Esq.
Patricia Lutke
Paul Gee
Richard Hiersch
Rozalina Gutman
Sally Francis, Ph.D.
Virginia Hollins-Davidson, Esq.

& many more
for District 6 City Council
On the issues:

Phoebe will hold government accountable and will help ensure that our taxes are not wasted!

Phoebe Sorgen's 6 point plan based on hearing District 6 concerns:

  1. Shopping!
    Phoebe will fix parking policies, champion "Shop Berkeley" at all levels, including City contracts. Phoebe's opponent was quoted in the Chronicle as saying, "We've let downtown go." We need Phoebe's innovative leadership. She will coordinate pleasant & safe business districts, and attract retail by cutting red tape.
  2. Safety in our neighborhoods!
    Phoebe will get you better lighting, patrolling, Neighborhood Crime Watch, and a crime hotline for those who are not comfortable with online updates. She will get those potholes fixed and calm traffic.
  3. Safety from disaster!
    Putting safety first, Phoebe will jump start earthquake trainings and caches, eucalyptus replacement with nonflammables such as redwood, and undergrounding utilities.
  4. Sustainability!
    Phoebe will work for fast implementation of Measure G and more, to keep Berkeley leading! For example, we need more solar hot water heaters, so easy and cost effective, and grey water/rain water collection systems that will pay for themselves in reduced water fees.
  5. Sunshining Government!
    Phoebe will enact a strong, enforceable Sunshine Ordinance for government that is open, accountable, accessible. She will maintain her 24 hour voicemail and meet with you outside office hours if needed.
  6. Speech!
    Phoebe is an idealistic pragmatist who will meet her constituents' practical needs first and foremost, and will address broader issues IF time and costs are negligible. (Skilled volunteers do the legwork.) Right wingers want Berkeley to stop exercising Free Speech. Her opponent wants Berkeley to shut up, but we are not a walled off island. Her opponent has said she will vote for nothing that isn't about Berkeley, but many problems require cooperative regional solutions. Innovations that came from Berkeley ripple out for wide positive change.

A homeowner and mother, Phoebe cares for Berkeley and District 6 residents as family.

Phoebe is not anti-development, but is pro-preservation. In the many cases where it is more economical and more ecological to preserve rather than to demolish and rebuild, Phoebe will stand up to the City Council members who are in developers' pockets.

Getting right to the point, here is useful, practical info towards safety:

For crime prevention: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/Police/Home/Neighborhood_Watch.aspx

Is your block organized yet for "The Big One?" It's coming, so dive into community preparation with relish!

It's fun getting to know your neighbors better, and important to help each other. Phoebe Sorgen's suggestions:

Take the first four (of five) critical steps first: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=45208

Then, get the ball rolling on block organizing (the 5th critical step) at a potluck, tea, or picnic. Make and distribute flyers door to door to let neighbors on your block, and perhaps an adjoining block, know about it. Include pamphlets for the 5 critical steps: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/uploadedFiles/Fire/5EQSTEPS2009.pdf

Have attendees make name tags and write their names/contact info on a roster as they arrive. Arrange in advance for someone from the City's Office of Emergency Services to speak. The OES may, instead, connect you with an excellent volunteer speaker. Right after the presentation, while people are freshly motivated, ask for five volunteers:

1. block captain/coordinator, and team leaders for

2. communications

3. fire suppression

4. light search & rescue

5. first aid

(Double each of those positions if/when there is adequate people power, and fill out the teams.)

Before everyone leaves, decide on the date/location of the next meeting, and inform people if there are openings in upcoming classes. At this first meeting, the communications team leader may already begin getting info re who at which addresses is especially vulnerable, etc.

At your second meeting, decide on dues for purchasing first aid supplies/equipment--perhaps $25 per year per household (with option to donate labor, instead, if dues are difficult for some.) Decide on an emergency meeting place nearby in a relatively open space, preferably without electrical wires overhead.

The City may provide a valuable cache for your neighborhood group if enough people adequately prepare, train, and commit to maintaining and securing the equipment. This is a good incentive for taking the free training.

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Training Overview:

Free CERT classes:
They fill up fast, so keep checking back or get on the email notification list at above link.

Suggested goal--have your block organized enough by April to participate in the citywide exercise:

Another excellent resource organized by the wonderful People of Berkeley:
Berkeley Disaster Prep Neighborhood Network ("the Network")
Fine people, and the food at the potluck meetings is generally delicious, too!