Growing list of endorsers of
Phoebe Sorgen’s
District 6 candidacy:

John George Democratic Club:
    Organizational Endorsement
East Bay LGBT Democratic Club:
    Organizational Endorsement
Berkeley Green Party:
    Organizational Endorsement
Patricia and Daniel Ellsberg -
    Pentagon Papers
Max Anderson -
    Berkeley City Councilmember,
    Vice Mayor of Berkeley
Kriss Worthington -
    Berkeley City Councilmember
Ying Lee -
    Former Berkeley City Councilmember
Carole Kennerly -
    Former City Councilmember
Robert Lieber -
    Mayor of Albany
Jesse Townley -
    Vice Chair/Former Chair
    Disaster/Fire Safety Commission
David Blake -
    Arts Com, former Chair Zoning Board
Jesse Arrequin -
    Zoning Board, Downtown Area Plan
    Advisory Committee, Chair Housing Com
Anne Wagley-Landmarks -
    former Chair Housing Com
Michael Sherman -
    Police Review Commissioner
Diana Bohn -
    Campaign for Labor Rights,
    Potters for Peace
    board member,
    Peace & Justice Commissioner
Elliot Cohen -
    Peace & Justice Commissioner
Wendy Kenin -
    Peace & Justice Commissioner
Bonnie Hughes -
    Dir. Berkeley Arts Festival,
    former Art Com
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen -
    Vice Pres. PCCD Board

Clare & Dana Ullman -
    Jewelry designer/National
    homeopathy spokesperson, author
Marc & Phyllis Pliisuk-Professor -
Jonathan & Sally Francis PhD -
Dina Angel-Wing - Sculptor
Nancy K. D. Lemon -
    Lecturer/Consultant Berkeley
    Law School UCB (Boalt)
Ingrid Kepler-May, M.Ed. -
    Family therapist, mediator
Blaine Devine - Carpenter
Caroline & Gustav Carlson -
Nancy Feinberg -
Rabbi Michael Lerner -
    Editor Tikkun, Chair Network of
    Spiritual Progressives
Hannah E. Sims, LLM - Attorney
Jean Sanchrico - Designer/artist
Dirk McDougal - Computer consultant
Michael Sorgen -
    Civil rights attorney
Zach Sorgen -
    Student, former Energy Commissioner
Laverda O. Allen - Constructioin manager
Matt Sims - Sole Proprietor

Donald Goldmacher, M.D. -
    Delegate of the California
    Democratic Party
Margot Smith - Advocate for elders
Conn Hallinan -
    Daily Planet foreign
    policy columnist
Ann Fagan Ginger - Attorney
Rev. Kurt Kuhwald -
    Starr King School
    for the Ministry
Michael Parenti, Ph.D. -
    Author and scholar
Abbot Foote -
    Community Stewardship
Anna Graves -
    Photographer, Obama campaigner
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen -
    Vice Pres. PCCD Board
Matthew Hallinan -
    Co-founder Wellstone
    Democratic Renewal Club
Margot Smith -
    Advocate for elders
Atis & Judy Folkmanis -
    creators Folkmanis puppets
Patricia (“Patti”) Marsh -
    Life long Berkeley resident
Jane Stillwater -
    Pro-troops journalist/blogger
Stephanie Thomas -
    Department of Peace Campaign
    District 9 Team Leader,
    retired social worker
Ingrid Kepler May -
    Psychotherapist, Transcend
Carolyna Marks -
    Peace Empowerment Process
Matthew Taylor -
    UC Berkeley student, freelance writer
Steven Baigel -
    Documentary filmmaker
John Lavine -
    Editor Woodwork Magazine, former
    Peace and Justice Commissioner
Wendy Kenin -
    Peace and Justice Commissioner
Diana Bohn -
    Campaign for Labor Rights, Potters for
    Peace board member, Peace/Justice Com
Elliot Cohen -
    Peace and Justice Commissioner
Tammy Pilisuk -
    Unit chief, Provider Education CA
    Dept of Public Health Immunization Branch
Jancis Long Ph.D. -
    Pres. Psychologists for Social
Nicole Milner -
    Musician, social worker
Jackie Riskin -
    Wellstone Dem Club
    Voting Rights Task Force

Sharon Adams, Esq -
    Downtown Berkeley attorney
Ana Turetsky -
    Pres. Oakland 77American
    Federation of Teachers
Maryilyn Langlois -
    Transcend U.S. Steering Com
Diana Young -
    Earth Charter Community Alliance
Victoria Ashley -
    Alameda Co. Green Party Counselor
Rev. Sandra Decker -
    Contra Costa G.P. Counselor
Fred Jackson -
    Richmond Neighborhood House
Harry Brill - Labor,
    coordinator Berkeley Honda boycott
Anne Wardell -
    Berkeley pharmacist
David S. Lingenfelter, PhD –
Nyunt Than - Pres.
    Burmese American Democracy All.
Norman Solomon -
    Institute for Public Accuracy,
Sherry Gendelman, Esq. - Pacifica Radio
Susan McDonough - Labor activist
Warren Mar - Faculty CCSF,
    AFT 2121 member
Rev. Meg Whitaker-Greene -
    UU Community minister

for Safety and Sustainability
for district 6 and the whole city.

If you live in District 6, please let her know your concerns for our town and for our neighborhood.
Phone: 510-595-5575 anytime

Thank you for your support!